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The company held 2009 annual summary recognition and 2010 production mobilization meeting
Present at the meeting of the ShenCunBin, HuangQingHai, have PanLinLin, XuJianLing, FuLan, LiuJun, QiuQiuPing, QiuXiangMing, WangMing, PanWenGong, YangHuaiMing leaders and 2009 annual advanced collective, advanced personal representatives and each department employees. The meeting hosted by PanLinLin comrades. This meeting is divided into four agenda: first general manager HuangQingHai comrades to the financial crisis, the challenge to steady the ship, the current, and create new lower grades seize the opportunity going all out, and strive to create a new record "work report, and then the union chairman comrade FuLan read the second for praising priced nine year advanced individual, advanced collective decision"; Then the leaders of the company priced for nine year advanced collective, advanced
2011/11/1 16:39:16
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Quality first customer first
The good faith for this the best service
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All kinds of high quality
Strong adaptability cycle is short
Good service
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